Winter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Winters can be long with many days too cold for children to play outside. This could leave your active child restless and bored and looking for something fun to do. If you are looking for constructive ways to entertain your child, consider winter craft projects. Using inexpensive materials you have around the house, you can keep your child busy and happy for hours. On the next cold and snowy day when you hear complaints of nothing to do consider these easy and inexpensive craft projects.

Make Your Own Snow Storm

Paper snowflakes are easy and fun to make, even for a young child. A stack of inexpensive white printer paper and a pair of safety scissors and you are ready to fold and cut. Snowflakes come in all shapes, sizes and designs, so whatever your child cuts is a perfect snowflake. If you don't have printer paper, you can use old newspapers.

To make a paper snowflake you'll need a square shaped piece of paper. Bring a bottom corner of your paper up to meet the opposite top corner for a diagonal fold, forming a large triangle. Once again fold your paper in half to form a smaller triangle. Now, place the small triangle on the table pointing the tip down. Fold one of the triangle's sides inward and then fold the other side inward so it forms a "V" on the top and is one-third the size of the small triangle. Use scissors to cut off the "V" and then cut small notches and shapes on the two side edges. If you want your snowflake to have a cut out center, snip off the tip of the triangle. Once you've made your cuts, unfold your paper to see your unique snowflake design. Create your indoor blizzard, and share it with your neighbors, by taping the snowflakes to windows. You can also preserve and share your favorite snowflakes with friends and family by mounting them onto a piece of blue paper and displaying them in picture frames.

Make Cotton Ball Snowmen

Bring the fun of building a snowman indoors where you can stay warm and dry. All you need is a bag of cotton balls and a few decorating items, like construction paper, small beads, pipe cleaners and glue. To make the body of the snowman fluff up individual cotton balls and roll them together until you have the size you want. Glue the ball onto construction paper. Follow the same fluff up and rolling technique to make two more balls, so you have three different size balls. Glue the balls together to form the snowman body. Now it's time to decorate your snowman. You can glue beads for eyes, mouth and buttons or cut out pieces of construction paper. An orange pipe cleaner makes a great nose. Yarn or a piece of striped pipe cleaner can be used for a scarf. If little hands can't roll the cotton balls into a ball, they can just fluff the cotton ball then glue individual cotton balls to construction paper in different size circles to form the snowman's body. Decorate the snowman with beads for eyes, orange pipe cleaner for the nose and yarn or construction paper for a scarf or buttons. You can also use small twigs or toothpicks for arms. This flatter snowman version would be very cute displayed in a picture frame.


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